What we do with packing materials

What we do with packing materials

On occasion we receive furniture that is shipped to us in large boxes like this:


And this:


This is actually a table, and once unpacked we were left with this:


In the old days we might have just wadded everything up and thrown it into our dumpster. In the “new” days we might have thrown the paper into the paper recycling but NOW we’re trying to reuse as much as we can!

With the exception of some brown packing paper everything you see above was listed on Craigslist free and TAKEN within 15 minutes. SCORE!

And the brown paper?


This seems to be a new thing in the packing world – it’s usually a wadded pile like you see here but when flattened out it has perforations every 9″ or so and runs anywhere from 18-30″ wide. Our intrepid office manager took it home to make a “skirt”.


Minnie had to help.

She tore the paper into squares that were approximately 9″ and then twisted each square into a flower of sorts:


Then the flowers were inserted into a skirt form made from chicken wire –


And voila! Six HUNDRED flowers later we have a fancy paper dress!

The bodice is made from a grocery bag that was ripped into the right pattern shaped pieces and glued together. The necklace is pine “rosettes” from a tree across the street.


Since this was done just before Christmas it became her “Christmas Tree” and she inserted lights and ornaments for the final touch.



The only thing we threw out from this entire shipment was a handful of bubble wrap that was too taped up to untangle. While we can’t promise to make art from found objects EVERY time we get a shipment this one worked out GREAT!

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